Blanchfield Space Agency – Shuttle v2.0

An associate send me an email with a link to a February 2015 LEGO “mini-builder” project as she knew our house was literally a LEGO design plant for such things, so sending me a link to a new design we could attack was like catnip to a tiger ;-)

Here’s a screenshot of the original product from the Collect Space website ( click on the link for the original page ):



Here’s the original design instructions – we love the simplicity of LEGO plans.

LEGO Space Shuttle - instructions


Here’s what the original from the mini-builder package looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 3.04.28 pm


With a bit of shaking and rattling and digging deep into our huge trove of LEGO parts, we ( all of us, Jake, Georiga, and Fiona – yep, mum helped as well ), we came up with this ( note: we used our own colours to be a tad original, and we used a modified Blanchfield “patent pending” dual tail plane design – one we came up with some time ago, better suited to low density atmospheres such as planets like Mars and Venus ).

Here is our version ( low res, old camera ):

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 2.59.17 pm


Here it is in all it’s glory from left, right and top views. This time from an iPhone in full high resolution ).

Left & Right view:

photo 2 copy

photo 3 copy


Top view ( yep, it’s a beautiful thing ):

photo 4 copy


Yea ok I know, a bit OTT but we might as well have a little video of it if we’ve come this far.


Can’t wait for the next fun project.

Cheers, Dez


Dez Blanchfield

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