Out with the old, in with the new


I’ve been writing and blogging for decades now, it started with bulletin boards, then usenet posts, gopher, static web pages, and over time content management systems matured and the likes of typo, mambo ( now Joomla ), wordpress and now ghost.

Every now and then, usually at the end of a technology wave ( i.e. post Dot Com boom ),  I would decide the time was right to flush out the old content and start afresh ( something akin to declaring “email bankruptcy” ). There is such a thing as too much old and not enough new.

So it is with this in mind, I’ve started afresh here, by flushing out the last nine years of out of date blog posts and articles, and started afresh with a new site design, and in-box zero as it were.

This will be the 1st of many new posts which will range from personal views and opinions, to feature articles of technical, social, political and who knows what other topic.

I look forward to writing for you, and to your feedback and thoughts, comments and input.



Dez Blanchfield

Dez Blanchfield is a strategic leader in business & digital transformation, with three decades of global experience in Business and the Information Technology & Telecommunications industry, developing strategy and implementing business initiatives. He works with key industry sectors such as Federal & State Government, Defence, Banking & Finance, Airports & Aviation, Health, Transport, Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities, Mobile Digital Media and Advertising, and Cyber Security. His focus is driving outcomes for organisations by leveraging Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing, Big Data & Analytics, Machine Intelligence, Internet of Things, DevOps Integration, Automation & Orchestration, App Containerisation & Micro Services, Webscale Infrastructure, and High Performance Computing. Be sure to follow Dez on LinkedIn ( http://linkedin.com/in/dezblanchfield ) and Twitter ( http://twitter.com/dez_blanchfield ).

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