Dez Blanchfield

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{ address } Sydney, NSW, Australia


Personal Statement

A strategic leader in business & digital transformation, with 25 years experience in the Information Technology and Telecommunications industry, developing strategy and implementing business initiatives.

  • Strong business acumen gained through working with a variety of senior executives
  • Demonstrated ability to align Information Technology activities to meet business objectives
  • Extensive strategy & planning, analytical & problem solving skills & ‘thinking outside the box’
  • Excellent leadership, evangelism, communication & interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver successful outcomes, and drive digital disruption & innovation
  • Exceptional facilitation and presentation skills with a knack for simplifying complex and technical information for intended and diverse audience groups
  • Expertise in motivating global teams across organizations to achieve common goals Ability to quickly build relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Experience managing multimillion dollar projects & business budgets


  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • High Performance Computing
  • Digital Transformation
  • DevOps Integration
  • Automation & Orchestration
  • Virtualization / Containerization
  • Distributed Computing
  • Dedicated / Managed Hosting
  • Data Management
  • High Availability Clustering
  • Payment Card Infrastructure
  • Managed Storage
  • IT Accommodation
  • Out-sourcing / In-sourcing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Data Centre Solutions
  • Migrations / Consolidation
  • Integration / Transitions
  • Infrastructure / Architectures
  • Solutions design
  • Load & stress testing
  • Risk Mitigation / Management
  • Relocation / Restructuring
  • Knowledge Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Audit, Discovery, Remediation
  • Reporting / Dashboards
  • Networks & Networking
  • Wealth Management
  • Banking & Finance
  • Digital Currencies / Block Chain



Birnam Wood Pty Limited | Sydney, NSW, Australia
Head of Cloud, Big Data & Analytics ( June 2015 – present date )

  • Big Data & Analytics / Resident Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer / Data Architect
  • Data Wrangler / Data Munger
  • Cloud Computing / DevOps / Orchestration
  • Digital Transformation / Digital Disruption
  • Platforms & Strategies ( for both Big Data & Cloud )
  • Big Data & Cloud PoC / Labs / Trials & Production Solutions


Vault Systems – Certified Government Community Cloud | Sydney, NSW
Head of Technology & Cloud Platforms ( May 2015 – present date )

  • Head of Technology & Cloud Platforms
  • Australian Signals Directive (ASD) Certified Cloud
  • Partner Engagement & On-Boarding
  • Partner Solutions Enablement:
  • + Value Add Re-sellers ( VAR’s )
  • + Independent Software Vendors ( ISV’s )
  • + Systems & Solution Integrators
  • + Contract Services / Consulting Specialists
  • Customer Engagement & On-Boarding
  • Cloud Computing
  • + Cloud Services
  • + Cloud Platforms
  • + Cloud Migrations
  • + Infra / Compute / Storage
  • Security / Gateways / Networks
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Smart Infrastructure / Smart Cities
  • Internet of Things / Industrial Internet


Big Digital Advance | Sydney, NSW
Enabling Digital Transformation ( December 2015 – Present )

  • Digital Transformation
  • Resident Data Scientist
  • Head of Big Data & Analytics
  • Data Engineer / Data Architect
  • Social Media Platform Strategies
  • Agile Marketing / Social Enablement
  • Big Data & Cloud PoC / Labs & Solutions
  • MarTech / AdTech / Marketing Technology
  • Customer Experience ( CX / Digital / Mobile )
  • Mobile / IoT / POE Solutions & Platform Evaluation


Public Sector Network | Sydney, Australia
Advisory Board Member ( December 2015 – Present )

Public Sector Network provides the public sector, education & healthcare, with a place to network, share ideas, collaborate, and learn.

Advisory Board Duties:

  • Director & Board Advisory & Mentor Support
  • Federal & State Government Advisory
  • Public Service Agencies / Market Sectors
  • Vendor and Service Provider Relations
  • Public Speaking / Market Research

Key Focus Areas:

  • Cloud Computing, Data Centers & Telecomms
  • OpenStack, Hadoop, Spark, Docker & Mesos
  • High Performance Computing, Big Data & Analytics
  • Cyber Security, Internet of Things & Smart Cities
  • Digital Currencies, Cyber Trading, Bitcoin & Blockain

Our mission is to connect the public sector to improve service delivery, to inspire & encourage public sector professionals to drive policy forward, and act as a knowledge hub for information, learning, business & technology resources.

Visit us soon at –


The Bloor Group | Sydney, NSW ( global role, HQ in Fort Worth, USA )
Data Scientist – Head of Data Science World Wide ( December 2015 – present date )

  • Lead Data Scientist / Data Analyst / Data Engineer / Data Architect
  • Core market focus on Big Data & Analytics, Cloud, Security and IoT
  • Market Research & Analysis / Modeling and Hypothesis generation
  • Analyst Briefings / Vendor Platforms / Vendor Labs / Customer PoC’s
  • Big Data Platforms / Information Models & Data Architectures
  • esign / Develop / Deliver Big Data & Cloud Labs & Solutions
  • Data Mining / Statistical modeling / Machine learning
  • Data Munging & ETL / Visualisation, Dashboards & Communication
  • Big Data, Cloud, and IoT Security, Architectures & Infrastructure
  • Internet of Things / Industrial Internet / Intelligent Sensors
  • Open Data / Public Data-sets / Data Publishing Standards
  • Data Value / Data Assets / Data Asset Classification / Data KPI’s
  • Co-host DM Radio ( decade long fortnightly digital radio broadcasts series )
  • Data Science analyst on Tech Lab / Hot Tech / Tech Wise / The Briefing Room


Crestone Wealth Management  |  Sydney, NSW
Head of Information Technology ( October 2015 – December 2015 )

  • Management & Delivery of Business Information Technology & Telecoms
  • Management & Delivery of Business Information Systems & Technology
  • Management of Voice, Data, Video & Unified Communications / Telecoms
  • Management & Delivery of Startup programme stream requirements
  • Startup & Business establishment / Transition to BAU operational state
  • Programme Delivery / Waterfall & Agile methodologies
  • Wealth Management / Banking & Financial systems / platforms
  • Avaloq Banking Suite / Avaloq Wealth Management Suite / Oracle PL/SQL
  • Customer Data Migration / Data Mapping / Extract Transform Load ( ETL )
  • Client Client onboarding / Anti Money Laundering ( AML ) / Know Your Client ( KYC )
  • Counter-party integration ( via. IPSEV / Tumbleweed SFTP / FIX / SWIFT / STUNNEL )
  • Financial Information eXchange ( FIX )
  • SWIFT Alliance Lite / Alliance Lite2 / Alliance Access / Alliance Integrator / AutoClient
  • SWIFT / SWIFT-BIC ( ISO 9362 / ISO 9362:2014 / ISO 20022 / ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 )
  • Vendor / Partner / Supplier relationship establishment & management
  • Infrastructure & Architecture / Data Centers / Telecoms / Networks
  • In-house & 3rd party Infrastructure & Accommodation / Hosting / Outsourcing
  • Business, Systems & Telecommunications Security & Regulatory
  • Risk / Regulatory / Standards Compliance Implementation & Management
  • Systems, Application & Services Audit / Discovery
  • Cloud Computing ( IaaS / PaaS / SaaS / DBaaS )
  • Big Data & Analytics / Machine Intelligence / Deep Learning
  • DevOps Integration / Automation & Orchestration
  • Virtualisation / Containerisation ( Infrastructure & Services )
  • Distributed & High Performance Computing
  • Distributed Storage / Cloud & Webscale Storage
  • Digital Transformation / Digital Disruption / Digital Innovation
  • Innovation / Thought Leadership / Team & Individual Mentoring


The Frame Group Pty Limited  |  Sydney, NSW
Digital Transformation, Cloud, Big Data & Analytics Consultant ( November 2014 – October 2015 )

  • Digital transformation of Frame’s strategy & business operations
  • Transition of Frame’s business systems & tools to cloud computing solutions


  • Establishment & operation of Cloud Computing business unit
  • Establishment & operation of Big Data & Analytics business unit
  • Establishment & operation of Digital Transformation business unit
  • Development of new partnerships to extend core capabilities and market reach
  • Design & establishment of Cloud Computing center of excellence & Cloud Lab
  • Development & Implementation of Enterprise Grade hackathons ( aka Code Wars )


National Disability Insurance Agency ( NDIA ) – Australian Federal Government  |  Canberra, ACT
Strategy & Architecture Consultant ( May 2014 – October 2014 )

  • Cloud Computing- IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Big Data, Strategy & Architecture
  • Telecoms, Security & Data Centers
  • Information Technology Strategy & Architecture
  • Cloud Computing Services & Infrastructure
  • Cloud & Virtual Computing & Data Centre Strategy
  • Business Systems Hosting Strategy / Business Systems Architecture
  • Platforms, Systems, Security & IT Ecosystems
  • Technical Project Management / Project Delivery, Advisory & Delivery


  • Vision Carrier, mapping Business Requirements to Current Capability and Gap Analysis
  • Broad reach of technology and strategy evangelism demonstrating value & business benefits
  • Development of Agency Information Technology Infrastructure Strategy
  • Review of Agency Information Technology & Communications Strategy
  • Development of Agency Cloud / Utility Computing / IT Accommodation & Hosting Strategies
  • Development of Agency Cloud Hosting Options Analysis & Cost Model
  • Technical Lead on cloud transition projects including Business Intelligence, Intranet, Internet migrations
  • Review & Audit of current I.T. Infrastructure and supporting environments
  • Liaison with technology partners and I.T. suppliers ( i.e. other Federal Government agencies as well as external technology suppliers / providers)
  • Relationship establishment and ongoing liaison with inter-agency service delivery, service options investigation, and business benefits analysis
  • Design and development of cloud architecture
  • Establishment of relationship and partners for supply of Cloud Services and Cloud Infrastructure
  • Planning and Preparation of Infrastructure and Security governance, management and support for agency business systems
  • Agency Intranet review and initial “cleanup” refresh ( Sharepoint 2010 )
  • Establishment of Project to undertake complete redesign and rebuild of new “fit for purpose” Intranet Portal ( Sharepoint 2013 )


News Corporation  |  Sydney, NSW
Cloud Computing Consultant ( January 2014 – April 2014 )

  • Cloud Computing- IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Data Centres, Security & Strategy
  • Global Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Computing, Data Centres & IT Accommodation
  • Infrastructure & Architecture
  • Storage & Data Platforms, Systems & Performance Analytics
  • Strategy, Planning & Business Transformation
  • Drive vision and evangelise the mission and methodology throughout the business


  • Successful completion of a global cloud readiness assessment across all of News Corporation’s business units ( i.e. News Corp AU / UK / EMEA / USA, HarperColins, Dow Jones etc )
  • Discovery of approx. USD$110M in year on year I.T. infrastructure cost savings
  • Development of rapid data acquisition model using crowdsourcing style Intranet and Email based data validation and qualification and the development of a central “single source of truth” ( aka CARe, aka Common Application Repository )
  • Discovery and Audit of thousands of devices, systems, applications and databases
  • Data cleansing and validation of hundreds of thousands of data points and records mapping mission critical key business systems
  • Liaison with and direct interface into key stakeholders up to C-Suite business systems and business service group owners
  • War room style workshops and high volume interviews to meet a very aggressive three (3) month project deadline for the business
  • Relationship establishment and management with leading cloud service providers
  • Business and Technology solutions, designs and cost models for all key mission critical business systems, including Business Benefits and Cost Analysis for on-prem and off-prem, in-cloud and external hosting options ( on to a per core / per gig of RAM / per gigabyte of infrastructure utilisation build on live real time data “as is running now” )
  • Development of cloud migration strategy and supporting planning to prepare the business to make key decisions regarding what to move, when to move, and how to move, with risks and issues mapped against business benefits and cost recovery business cases
  • Managing an agile team of analysts and key specialist technical resources across systems, services, networks, security and databases / storage


Gara Guru  |  Sydney, NSW
Cloud Computing & Big Data Consultant ( April 2013 – December 2013 )

  • Cloud Computing, Big Data, Petascale Storage, & Analytics
  • Data Centres & Containerised infrastructure
  • Cloud Computing Strategy, Architecture & Design
  • Cloud Platforms ( Private / Hybrid / Community / Public )
  • Big Data Analytics / High Performance Computing ( Grid & HPC )
  • PetaScale Storage / High Throughput Storage
  • Growth Hacker / Business Development
  • Big Data & Cloud Computing Evangelist
  • Business Systems / IT Infrastructure Transformation
  • Lean Startup Methodologies & Agile Project Delivery


  • Development and Implementation of business service solutions to new markets
  • Successful project delivery of multiple whole-of-business Cloud Migrations ranging in scale from Small to Medium Enterprise to Multi-National global Enterprise
  • Business model transitions and solution design & delivery of Business Transformation, moving from in-house self hosted data centre and infrastructure to external cloud provider solutions
  • Large volume data migrations and Extract / Transform / Load ranging in scale from hundreds of terabytes to multiple-petabytes
  • Project recovery and methodology transformations, project remediation, and completion of delivery, moving from Prince2 and PMBOK to Agile both in Technology for clients struggling to cope with large scale I.T. Infrastructure and Data Centre projects
  • Technology Start-up support to new entrants to the cloud and data analytics markets, establishing companies from scratch, to redesign of operational models for start-ups struggling to adjust to rapid shifts in new technologies and new models in market demand.
  • Design and Development, through to Implementation of small and large scale Hadoop clusters, from Development & Test environments, through to high volume Petascale Production systems
  • Development and Open Sourcing of the world’s “smallest” Hadoop cluster ( a mere 550 MB! ) which has subsequently been downloaded and “spun up” but over 9,000+ people around the world to date ( part of a Big Data and Hadoop week long LAB’s feature set of articles for )
  • Develop and Open Sourcing of the world’s “smallest” OpenStack cloud platform ( a mere 600 MB! ) which has subsequently been downloaded and “spun up” by over 15,000+ people around the world to date ( again as part of a Cloud Computing and OpenStack week long LAB’s feature set of articles for iTnews )
  • Wide range of Public, Private and Hybrid cloud computing solutions, leveraging both proprietary platforms such as Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX, public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, IBM Softlayer and many more, as well as Open Source platforms for public and Private cloud solutions, across Development, Testing, Production, as well as R&D and Training platforms


Ergon Energy  |  Brisbane, QLD
Technology Manager ( May 2012 – April 2013 )

  • Cloud Computing, Big Data, High Performance Computing, Petascale Storage, Security, Spatial Data, Drones
  • Perform a combination of roles including CIO/CTO, COO, CSO, Vendor manager.
  • Review & remediate programme / project delivery strategies, transition to software development through AGILE methodologies, traditional technical & commercial project delivery through PMBOK methodologies, standardised approach
  • Rebuild of entire software, supporting infrastructure, architecture ecosystems and “stacks” to ensure existing resources were capable of a full ground up build. Address all gaps found, including as-built documentation, and supporting systems & tools
  • Restructure existing teams and realign roles with skills to leverage capabilities of existing team
  • Establish management team and implement operational planning workshops
  • Hands on involvement & ownership of the transition of ROAMES from a traditional “enterprise” Desktop Software + Windows Server + VMWare & Microsoft SQL Server database environment to a private Cloud and Grid Computing / High Performance Computing (HPC) operating model, including the integration and use of 3rd party “outsourced” IaaS, PaaS, & SaaS
  • Realign all 3rd party partner and vendor relationships, re-establish contracts and service agreements, NDA’s, and renegotiate rates and SLA’s to better align with ROAMES’ requirements.
  • Transition from state government model of capital expenditure purchasing model to enterprise model of operational expenditure


  • Design of High Performance Computing solution to suit ROAMES “ingest” Data Prep pipeline, tailored to manage daily ingest of 8TB or more in near real-time
  • Implement open source HPC based scheduler (PBS) & transition from in-house build scheduler to standards compliant scheduler, and support developer teams transition to HPC & PBS
  • Design, establishment & deployment of multi-tiered Virtual Private Cloud within Amazon’s new AU zone to replace legacy “in-house” infrastructure
  • Design, establishment, implementation and transition to full production operation of Big Data, Analytics, and High Performance Computing ecosystems in a VPC in Amazon’s AU zone


Zettagrid  |  Sydney, NSW
Business Development ( October 2010 – April 2012 )

  • Cloud and Grid Computing- IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and Utility Computing
  • Detailed “ground up” audit of existing in-house virtualisation infrastructure
  • Review of Zetta’s use of technology and systems, with the aim of completing a full in-house technology consolidation to see each of the Zetta group of companies become customers of ZettaGrid and realize IT cost savings and benefits
  • Expand the ZettaGrid infrastructure out of Western Australia, to a national grid of clusters
  • Establish local “on the ground” expert teams in both Perth and Sydney, to support both the ZettaGrid infrastructure, as well as ongoing customer facing support requirements
  • Develop & manage a multi-tier partner programme across many vertical markets
  • Integrate cloud offerings from Amazon, Microsoft, Rack space, BitNami Bit Cloud and Spot Cloud into consumer and corporate / enterprise and government solution offerings.
  • Major upgrade of the ZettaGrid back end to expand the auto-provisioning capabilities and customer self-service features, and the automation of processes which were previously manual
  • Complete audit of existing customer base and accounts to “flush out” all dead accounts, “trials” which had expired, and follow up all and any unpaid accounts to see ZettaGrid only running live and paying customers both in-house or 3rd party external customers


  • Establishment of over 400 new leads into key vertical market segments for user group focused solutions
  • Establishment of new relationships for ZettaGrid to 2,750 medium sized enterprise & government clients
  • Dive vision and mission within the business and out to existing clients and through sales channels
  • Broad reach of growth hacker and technology evangelist communicating directly into the target markets


Dimension Data (Woolworths Group)  |  Sydney, NSW
Project Executive ( March 2010 – September 2010 )

  • Security / Legacy Telephony / IP Tel / Data Centres, Infrastructure, PCI, ITSM, Service Delivery / Transitions
  • Delivery of IT & Banking / PCI Security, Legacy Telephony & IP Telephony project streams
  • Development of final requirements, scope, and resource requirements to ensure delivery on all project streams within extremely tight timeframes
  • Manage relationship with each of the respective sections of the Woolworths group and all key business owners / stakeholders
  • Manage both in-house Dimension Data resources as well as the customers resources to ensure on time on schedule on budget delivery
  • Implement from ground up a new “Managed Security Infrastructure Service (MSIS)” product in its largest implementation at that time, including a lab build to test in proof of concept each key element of the MSIS solution prior to it being put into production
  • Manage 3rd party suppliers and resources contracted to build and implement / integrate key elements of the Security and Telephony project streams ( i.e. EMC, RSA, CISCO and dozens of others )
  • Complete project streams and full hand over to business units or customer and ensure 100% compliance with all contracted deliverables and services sold
  • Achievements
  • Delivered the Security stream in full on time on budget with extremely limited resource support
  • Reduction of project costs on the build of MSIS security solution by AUD$1.7M


YourTracks  |  Sydney, NSW
Project Executive & Business Development Manager ( March 2010 – September 2010 )

  • Design & Develop web based self-service “portal” & integrated “buy / sell” engine
  • Prepare initial “beta” release business model, business plan, and sales & marketing strategy
  • Investigate initial “go to market” opportunities including partners and early adopters
  • Prepare and develop “go live” planning with “big splash” ( aka full saturation ) through online and offline media, social media, social networking and viral marketing / crowdsourcing


Ethan Group for Vodafone Australia  |  Sydney, NSW
Project Manager & Account Executive ( September 2009 – November 2009 )

  • Takeover of “in flight” projects for Call centre and Data centre consolidation projects
  • Work directly with the business, founders, key investors, partners, suppliers and all media
  • Communicate and Evangelise the overall vision, aims and outcomes to all players including consumer market
  • Hands on dev, design, implementation and code cutting ( C++, Ruby on Rails, Java, Python / LAMP )
  • Affect required project reviews, remediation and bring all projects within current programme of work back under control and deliver to terms of contract within agreed budget
  • Hand programme of work back to existing project team and service delivery teams once back under control


ZettaServe  /  Infigen Energy  |  Sydney, NSW
Project Manager / Account Manager ( July 2009 – August  2009 )

  • Affect full end to end project reviews and remediation / Review staffing & resourcing / skills
  • Complete the transition of Infigen Energy out of Babcock & Brown to stand alone business
  • Liaise with the business to bring current projects back under control
  • Discover opportunities to extend the relationship with the client


DownerEDi Rail  |  Sydney, NSW
Project Director ( November 2008 – June  2009 )

  • Develop & implement an IT Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Review the state of project management systems, tools, skills, training, certifications, capabilities and delivery across the DownerEDi group (Rail, Mining, Engineering, Works and Consulting)
  • Provide support & mentoring to existing projects and staff
  • Develop, Review & Audit, Rescue, Restructure & Manage key projects as required


Dimension Data for DownerEDi Rail  |  Sydney, NSW
IT Consultant, Security Specialist, Business Analyst ( July 2008 – October 2008 )

  • Lead role as Project Manager and Senior IT Consultant in the outsourcing of DownerEDi Rail data centre facilities, relocation & transition
  • Develop an outsourced solution and strategy for DownerEDi Rail’s I.T. requirements
  • Transition of data centre requirements to a hosted solution
  • Relocation of existing business infrastructure, services, solutions, and supporting systems, servers, storage (direct attached and SAN’s)
  • Design, Test, Build and Implementation of new wholly outsourced data centre facility within the Global Switch facility at Ultimo
  • Ensure zero downtime migrations & transitions of mission critical systems including real time Train Management & Maintenance systems, Train Data logging systems, and real time Train “security” systems
  • Review and analysis of WAN, LAN and Switched Fabric (LAN and SAN) designs


Opticon Australia  |  Sydney, NSW
Business Analyst / IT Consultant ( May 2008 – June 2008 )

  • Perform a rapid review of the AAS business systems and supporting IBM AS/400 hardware and software platform.
  • Liaise with the AAS management team and key Business and IT stakeholders and supporting staff, to understand why the enhancement proposal arose.
  • Review options to the proposed solution and report on the pros and cons of each of the potential options in context to the requested IT upgrades.
  • Review an outsourced solution proposal and quote from KAZ Systems as an interim option.
  • Propose a high level roadmap for moving forward and present findings and recommendations to the senior managers of Link Systems.


Getronics Australia  |  Sydney, NSW
Project Director / IT Security Transitions Consultant ( February  2008 – April 2008 )

  • Develop strategy and solution to form the basis of the tender bid proposal
  • Developed new complex hosting solution platform options tailored to suit Linfox’s needs
  • Integrated the new solutions into Getronics standard business operations
  • Strengthen the partnership between Getronics and Cradle Technologies with whom Getronics outsource their managed hosting solutions


Cradle Technologies  |  Sydney, NSW
Business Analyst / IT Consultant November ( 2007 – January 2008 )

  • Develop, design, & implement business solution offers for outsourcing market space, with a view to put Cradle’s managed services.
  • Research and reassess the domestic Managed Storage, Managed Security, Managed Hosting, Application Hosting, HPC & Utility Computing market opportunity. Develop business and technology strategy to see Cradle enter these markets in the second calendar quarter of 2008
  • Completion of market assessment and segmentation, design, solution and implementation of a new suite of outsourced hosted manage service products and services platforms


IBM Australia Ltd  |  Sydney, NSW
Business Consultant and Advisory Project Manager ( July 2007 – October 2007 )

  • Senior IT Security, Business Consultant & Advisory Project Manager on Westpac account/ IBM’s Application Hosting environment, IBM’s Unified Managed Infrastructure [UMI]), and IBM’s Secure Managed Security & Managed Hosting platform.
  • Project establishment and management across Westpac’s entire outsourced Hosting service contract
  • Project reporting and financials remediation of service delivery to ensure SLA penalties were not incurred.
  • Program level support to the business and IBM’s supporting team, across whole of Westpac UMI program.
  • Manage technical, design, support and Business As Usual (BAU) resources engaged with UMI
  • Participated in establishing UMI Program Office and Program Control Group.


Communications Design & Management Pty Ltd  |  Sydney, NSW
CIO, Senior Security Architect / Business Consultant ( March 2007 – June 2007 )

  • Senior consultant providing project governance, project management and technical / security “lead” across major customer accounts. In particular I.T. Security & Business Transformation Consultant
  • Senior IT Security Consultant to provide lead “hands on” security consulting, project and account governance, to support service / solution delivery to high profile customer projects
  • Senior Business Consultant to provide lead business consulting support to high profile customer projects to be handed to Business As Usual (BAU) operations groups for ongoing maintenance.
  • Senior IT Security consultant “technical”, “standards”, and “compliance” lead roles on high profile projects including banking, finance industry, construction, and Department of Defence customer projects, as well as in-house projects and companywide “ICT” technology update / refresh project


Getronics Australia  |  Sydney, NSW
Business Analyst / Consultant/Advisory Project Manager ( November 2006 – December 2006 )

  • Design and implement documentation solution for Managed Services (Capacity, Security, Systems & Networks)
  • Support management and staff through transition from paper based documentation and knowledge capture and sharing, to the new online wiki based solution
  • Support services, capacity and security teams through the configuration and data capture process (from firewalls, routers, switches, through to file, storage, app, database and print servers, printers, PABX’s etc)


Maltacourt Australia  |  Sydney, NSW
Security Consultant / Project Manager ( July 2006 – October 2006 )

  • Design and implement secure Network, Firewall, Security, VPN, Server, and Data Management solution for Australian office for one of the world’s largest shipping companies, with performance capacity capable of growth and infrastructure requirements for at least five years
  • Implement secure VPN connectivity to Maltacourt’s international offices including the UK, the USA and Canada
  • Project management of entire project, from inception through to implementation, and continue to provide ongoing governance and advice beyond initial engagement


Cradle Technologies  |  Sydney, NSW
IT Consultant & Business Analyst ( January 2005 – June 2006 )

  • Build a new Security and Storage distribution business
  • Secure suppliers of security and storage appliances and products worldwide and sign supply agreements with the selected suppliers, and establish relationships including support, services, and finance
  • Establish reseller network, with VAR’s, ISV’s, traditional box movers and solution providers
  • Create solution using hardware platforms from suppliers, for security and data management / capacity planning & compliance, price to market expectations, and establish sub-distributors to sell them throughout Australia, and New Zealand
  • Run national road show, educate partners & resellers, and sign initial sales volume and Not For Resale units


Commonwealth Bank of Australia  |  Sydney, NSW
Security Consultant/Business Analyst / Project Delivery Executive ( June 2005 – December 2005 )

  • Design, develop and implement a Security Dashboard for the bank’s IT Security Group
  • Map information sources and identify gaps, perform requirements gathering, prepare initial requirements documents, technical specifications, and business requirements, and select an initial pilot group from Premium Banking Services
  • Interview all relevant staff to capture their requirements, expectations, and desires and prepare a “needs matrix” and map expectations for successful operation of the IT Security Dashboard project, and review mapped information
  • Incorporate business risk impact of IT security systems including technical operational and environment


Terrafirma Pty Ltd  |  Sydney, NSW
Business & Security Consultant ( March 2005 – May 2005 )

  • Completed successful security review & audit, including cyber and physical “hacking” & social engineering to demonstrate significant issues with the business security and risks to the business and their staff
  • Implemented processes and procedures throughout the business, from the front door through to the CEO
  • Ensure appropriate controls are now in place to ensure security and risk were permanently on the company agenda and part of the ongoing culture such that the staff were both educated to understand and realize risk when they saw it and were able to address security risks, and had access to tools or resources to support them should issues arise
  • Project management of entire engagement from initial engagement, through commercials, financials, delivery and final sign off and acceptance by customer and customer’s business unit managers 100% on time on budget


Westpac  /  Keycorp  /  Fox Technology   |  Sydney, NSW
Business & Security Consultant ( August 2004 – March 2005 )

  • Resolve mission critical infrastructure, data management, and security issues delaying the rollout of a new EFTpos management solution for Westpac, Keycorp and Fox Technology
  • Redesign the entire security model and architecture for the EFTpos environment & Support the management team in taking the new solution world wide
  • Design and implement a secure managed N+2 hosted architecture solution to transition the “in house” hosted solution to a “hosted” solution within Telstra data centre
  • Develop and implement a Disaster Recovery site, and associated business processes and procedures to support high availability to adhere to strict SLA’s
  • Redesign and rebuild the companies IT environment including firewalls, routers, switches, the LAN, storage and data management solutions, backup strategy, roll out a PKI solution including secure email and digital signing, and transition the business from a paper based contracts solution to an electronic document solution


Cradle Technologies  |  Sydney, NSW
Security & IT Consultant ( January 2004 – July 2004 )

  • Refresh of Cradle Technologies secure managed “dedicated hosting” architecture, security and firewall systems
  • Project management of entire project from first briefing session through to final sign off
  • Build of new data centre and infrastructure to accommodate growth, using new architecture
  • Snapshot of current market researching competitors, price and service offerings to ensure Cradle’s offerings and pricing was on par with market expectations
  • Development of new business partners, value add resellers, and integrators to bundle Cradle’s solutions


OneSteel  /  Telstra  |  Sydney, NSW
Infrastructure Consultant & Project Manager ( August 2003 – December 2003 )

  • Consolidate 176 remote sites IT infrastructures to bring key IT assets and resources into the primary production data centre being established within the Telstra site at 76 Pitt Street, while providing disaster recovery capabilities in the in house Newcastle site
  • Consolidate the OneSteel national WAN using Telstra’s Private Internet Protocol Service (TPIPS) using Frame Relay PVC’s to replace dedicated “links” or “on-demand” routes (i.e. for nightly backups)
  • To facilitate the transition with minimal down time, with zero loss of service to the business, mitigate risk and ensure data integrity once the relocation has been completed
  • Provide project governance, management and supporting project administration across in house Telstra engagements as well as individual customer engagement activities


QANTAS  /  Telstra  |  Sydney, NSW
Solutions Consultant ( May 2003 – June 2003 )

  • Develop and implement a service management system to monitor and report in real time events, alerts, and SLA metrics, for over 55,000 devices across the QANTAS worldwide network, with polling traffic to remain under 5% of the total traffic profile on the QANTAS LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • Replace the previous unworkable service management system as quickly as possible and remove the old system from production environment
  • Provide web portal style interface to the system to allow QANTAS and Telstra accurate and open visibility of the SLA’s & supporting data and metrics, allowing QANTAS and Telstra to focus on service delivery


Professional history prior to 2003 available upon request.

References available upon request.